Phonics are the letters and sound combinations which play an important role in helping children to read and write. We have a strong record of teaching phonics and this helps our children perform well in their work in all subject areas.

We use the Phonics Bug scheme of work. Your child can practice their phonics skills online


Phonics Bug our school code is asto (more help at Phonics Bug Login Help)

PurpleMash you need to login as Loginname@c40529 eg. Rashid43@c40529

And a really good school website to visit is Woodlands Junior School, in Kent

Click the link to play fun phonics games online

Phonics Bug Help

This is the Phonics Bug Logon screen at

Your logon details go in the boxes at the top right of the screen. 

IF you do not see this, try

either 1- Update your Flash Player (from in Internet Explorer

or  2- Use Google Chrome, which normally updates itself with the latest Flash Player.


Your Username - like Jason2M goes in the 1st space.

Your Password - like hat23 goes in the 2nd space.

The school code asto goes in the 3rd space.

IF you are unable to log on, please let us know where the problem arises:

  1. Do you get the Pearson  Bug Club page?  If not what do you get?
  2. Is the grey Login Box at the top right of the screen?  If not, what is there?
  3. When you enter your details, what happens?  Is there any message (in red at the top of the box?)

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